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RueVac Property Services

| Building Wash

building wash downA clean, well-maintained building speaks volumes about your business and helps you attract and retain more clientele. Building wash downs remove cobwebs, road grime, salt, mold, and more to restore your building’s original appearance and help you convey the right message for your business. Furthermore, annual building wash downs protect your investment by increasing the lease potential of your building and its market value while reducing the incidence of mold and ultraviolet degradation. In addition, regular wash downs extend the life of your building’s paint work, thus eliminating the need to re-paint frequently and saving you thousands of dollars.

RueVac Property Services offers a building wash down service that includes awning cleaning and window washing.  All affected sidewalks surrounding the work site are rinsed down as a part of our building wash down service.  RueVac provides all labor, equipment, and cleaning agents to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Not only can a building wash down rejuvenate the appearance of your building, it can also extend its life by removing harmful residues and preventing oxidation. You can also combine a building wash down with the application of a protective coating to further extend the life of your building.

RueVac Property Services has years of experience performing building wash downs. Why are we Orange County’s pressure washing service? Our highly skilled maintenance technicians give buildings a gleaming appearance without damaging building surfaces or the environment. The following are the types of buildings and surfaces on which we perform building wash downs.


  • Industrial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Retail outlets
  • Large warehouses
  • Condominium complexes
  • HOA’s
  • Apartment complexes


  • Tile roofs
  • Smooth concrete industrial tilt ups
  • Stucco surfaces
  • Brick and block surfaces
  • Stone facades
  • Vinyl siding
  • Composite siding

Residues that are cleaned:

  • Ingrained dirt
  • Mold & algae
  • Cob webs
  • Bird droppings
  • Jet fuel exhaust residues
  • Diesel exhaust residues

Additional services:

  • Under canopy wash downs
  • Storefront wash downs

Are you ready to give your building a major facelift? If so, contact RueVac Property Services today and discover the dramatic impact that a building wash down can have on the appearance and success of your business.

Water Reclamation

In recent years, we have modified our cleaning procedures to make them more environmentally-friendly.  All of our equipment is now outfitted to reclaim and recycle run-off.  During the cleaning process, as contaminants are removed, all of the run-off is vacuumed up from the sidewalks.  Specially designed sand bags allow our operators to channel the run-off to collection areas.  Our truck-mounted vacuum system uses a 50-foot hose to recover water.  Once the contaminated water is drawn into the system, it is pumped through a series of industrial filters that remove particles down to five microns.


We consider several factors when bidding a steam cleaning job.

Frequency of Service:

We design a customized steam cleaning schedule for each property.  Office complexes are typically cleaned on a monthly basis. Large shopping centers can be cleaned as often as three times per week, with different areas being addressed each visit. As the frequency of steam cleaning increases, then the cost per cleaning decreases.  Some types of establishments, such as fast food restaurants, require a greater frequency of steam cleaning services.


Properties are generally cleaned between the hours of 10PM and 7AM so as not to disrupt normal business hours.  Some properties are surrounded by residential neighborhoods, requiring the service time to be adjusted to outside the usual service hours due to noise ordinances.



We provide steam cleaning services throughout Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  Please click here to view a detailed map.