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RueVac Property Services

| Maintenance Technician

RueVac Property Services

Maintenance Technician Service

● Hauling away of abandoned items
● Cleaning of trash enclosures
● Outside janitorial
● Ceiling tile replacement

Refuse Hauling Service  

At RueVac Property services, we take away unwanted and abandoned items from commercial, industrial, and retail centers. Let us remove large and heavy items from your property that do not fit into the trash bins. Items that we haul include, but are not limited to, couches, refrigerators, landscaping debris, wood debris, car parts, mattresses, shelving, and concrete. Once we remove the refuse, we thoroughly sweep and clean the trash enclosure.
Please contact us to schedule a pick-up time that’s convenient for you. Our courteous professionals will provide you with prompt, dependable service and do all of the loading for you. We tackle a variety of refusing hauling jobs, no matter how large or small.

Haul Away Equipment Used

At RueVac, we use high capacity Isuzu trucks with dumping capabilities and hydraulic lifts to remove your unwanted items. Our trucks are capable of hauling up to three tons in one load. We then recycle the items or take them to a transfer station or landfill.



We charge an hourly rate plus dump fees for our refuse hauling service. Businesses that require hauling services on a regular basis are eligible for a discounted monthly rate that is calculated based on the frequency of the service and the estimated time required for each visit.  This approach is cost-effective and convenient because services can be scheduled ahead of time. Dump fees are based on the actual cost of each disposal.  


    Additional Services

  • Banner installation, removal, and storage
  • Concrete wheel stop installation and replacement
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Graffiti removal
  • Installation of stop signs, handicap signs, parking signs, etc.
  • Installation and removal of leasing and property management signs
  • Fabrication and installation of regulation signs
  • Roof drain cleaning services
  • Vacancy cleanouts
  • Water extraction