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RueVac Property Services

| Steam Cleaning in Orange County

RueVac Property Services

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning exterior surfaces such as concrete and other porous materials is somewhat different from pressure washing. Steam Cleaning involves heating highly pressurized water and using it to melt and blast away unsightly gum, spills, dirt and grease. Pressure washing involves cleaning surfaces with cold pressurized water. All RueVac equipment is designed to use either technology, as they are required. What is the difference between Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing? Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning both use the same method to pressurize water; however, Steam Cleaning goes one-step further by heating the water for greater effectiveness in removing gum and oil without the need for harsh chemical degreasers that pollute the environment. Pressure Washers are mounted to a small cart and can be transported easily. Steam Cleaning machines have added heaters that require the use of a truck mounted system.

The “RueVac Difference”

All RueVac Steam Cleaners have the capability of heating water to over 200 degrees, blasting water up to 3,500 PSI, water storage over 200 gallons for hard to reach areas and industrial vacuums to recover and filter our run off. Several crews are available for emergency jobs in the Orange County and Riverside areas. We can service you 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

Why should I use RueVac Property Services for my Steam Cleaning?

With over 30-years of experience in the field and a knowledgeable staff of professionals, we can meet your needs.● Our equipment utilizes all the necessary attachments for cleaning any type of irregular surface.● We follow the SWPPP standards for our waste water runoff to help protect our precious environment.● Our crews are courteous and professional and our equipment is impeccably maintained.● Trained personnel, well maintained equipment and an efficient schedule allows RueVac to be the most competitively priced professional Steam Cleaning company in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside or San Bernardino counties.

What can be cleaned with steam cleaning equipment?

Having the ability to adjust the pressure at the wand allows our Steam Cleaners the ability to use finesse when cleaning any surface. The equipment is optimized for each job in which both heat and pressure are adjusted to ensure that no damage occurs to your property. These abilities in our steam cleaning equipment allow us to clean anything from fabric or vinyl awnings to natural stone, wood, concrete, metal, painted surfaces or glass. Dirt, grime or graffiti is no match for our Steam Cleaning Teams. Call us today for a free fast quote.