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RueVac Property Services

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RueVac Property Services is a leading provider of commercial maintenance services in southern California. Founded by Ronald K. Lyons in 1976, RueVac has built a reputation for success based on its personalized service, professionalism, and ability to build long-term relationships with clients.

At RueVac, we offer the gamut of commercial maintenance services, including sweeping and sidewalk steam cleaning. We strive to use the latest equipment in the industry, and our technicians are highly skilled. Our goal is to make properties look their very best, no matter how large or small of a maintenance task we complete.

RueVac specializes in maintaining commercial properties, ensuring that they make a great impression on customers and passerby. We realize the importance of keeping your business’s exterior well-maintained because it is what people first encounter when they come into contact with your business.

The appearance of your commercial properties has a big impact on the way people perceive your business. At RueVac, our philosophy is to provide you with services of the utmost quality, enabling you to make a positive, lasting impression on your customers.

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