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RueVac Property Services of Orange County Donates to Fight Cancer!

We at RueVac believe a cure for cancer is just around the corner. RueVac supports cancer research in hope that someday a cure will be found.

We recently took a break from parking lot sweeping and partnered with Stater Bros for “Believe and Walk for the Cure” in Redlands, CA.  RueVac employees donated their time to clean the streets of downtown Redlands after the event took place.

Over 8,000 people packed the streets of old town Redlands on the morning of October 3rd to be part of this amazing event.  Pink and white confetti was blasted high in the air signaling the start of the race.  The gridlock of bodies along the street was amazing.  Pink shirts and hats were everywhere.

The aftermath looked like a million piñata massacre.   Trampled confetti formed a pink and white pulp carpet on the street.  Thankfully we had the Exterra ride-on sweeper.  This broom / vacuum sweeper is a mini dynamo.  The combination sweep and vacuum pealed up the confetti pulp carpet with very little effort.

RueVac Property Service in Orange County cares about our community and is always looking for charitable events to donate our services and help a good cause.  See you at the next Believe Walk in October 2011!

The ride-on sweeper made quick work of the confetti carpet.

Confetti carpet is no match for RueVac