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Parking Lot Sweeping | Los Angeles County

RueVac Property ServicesAt RueVac Property Services, we want to help you make the best impression on all of your customers, both new and old. Maintaining a clean facility has a large impact on your business’s outward image and can have a direct effect on your customer base. RueVac offers commercial parking lot sweeping services to keep your business looking its best and make sure your customers are consistently impressed.

The Importance of a Clean Parking Lot

Most businesses place emphasis on having a clean interior facility. However, emphasizing a flawless exterior image will put your business ahead of the competition. On top of making a valuable good first impression on the customer, a clean parking lot can also preserve the life of the lot and eliminate any safety issues for those entering your business.

Broken glass or other items can puncture tires and cause injury, so our team scours every inch of your parking lot to keep it free of potentially dangerous refuse. Some debris, like wet leaves, can create hazardous conditions should the customer slip and fall. Our parking lot sweeping services lower your risk as business owners, on top of the aesthetic benefits you will receive from keeping a clean facility.

The Latest Tech


At RueVac, we utilize the latest technology and equipment available to provide you with the highest quality services. Our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art vacuum sweepers that can clean your parking lot of a wide range of trash. If your parking lot is regularly marred by the presence of litter, bottles, sand, cans, broken glass, fallen leaves or other accumulations, then our expert technicians can employ our equipment to clean and detail your facility.

Our qualified technicians utilize low-noise emitting, environmentally-friendly backpack blowers for detailed cleaning of sidewalks and curbs. Rest assured, when RueVac completes a job, we attend to every detail. Our staff will examine your entire facility and handpick any trash that has found its way into planters and gardens. We also visually inspect your property on every visit for evidence of graffiti, vandalism, abandoned vehicles or large dumped items that require immediate attention. Our team is efficient, thorough and professional.

An Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we at RueVac make it our utmost priority. We want all of our customers to be 100 percent satisfied with the services we offer and will work tirelessly to go above and beyond your expectations. On top of employing the best equipment and technicians for the job, our quality control measures will ensure your parking lot is kept in a clean and orderly state after each visit.

All of our equipment is outfitted with high accuracy GPS tracking devices, allowing us to verify that crews visited your facility and performed cleaning services on the date and time requested. We also utilize video playback to confirm that all areas of your lot were attended to with the highest amount of detail. Our expert inspectors routinely perform onsite inspections of your property to verify the job was completed to our high level of specifications.

Our Bidding Process


Our job bidding process is contingent on several factors. The frequency of service is hugely important in determining our price. How often we service your parking lot will ultimately depend on the size and type of your business, as well as your personal preference. For large shopping centers and businesses, we recommend parking lot sweeping be performed on a daily basis, or no less than once per week. Smaller businesses with less traffic can usually be swept once per week with effective results.

After performing an evaluation of your parking lot and listening to your concerns as a customer, we will offer a professional recommendation on the frequency of service that we believe will provide you with optimal results. We offer lower rates for customers who choose a higher frequency of service.

We elect to perform our parking lot sweeping services between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. while most businesses are closed and parking lots are emptied, thereby minimizing the intrusion on customers. For businesses located in or near residential areas, we make sure to comply with local city noise ordinances. We also prefer to schedule our services on days when landscaping teams are not present, to keep your facility looking presentable at all times. Other factors like an abundance of leaf-dropping trees, constant truck traffic at distribution centers and the number of cars present in the lot will all affect our bidding process.

RueVac Property Services: Where Quality Comes First

At RueVac Property Services, we have a reputation for success based on personalized service, professionalism and our ability to build long-term customer relationships. We understand the importance of maintaining a flawless parking lot and offer the services you need to impress your customers with a clean facility. We service businesses in the Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino communities, making us the leading provider of commercial maintenance services in southern California.

To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation with one of our expert technicians, call us today at 714-406-4333.