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Graffiti Removal | Los Angeles County

At RueVac Property Services, we take pride in helping our customers’ businesses succeed. If your building or exterior structure has been targeted by graffiti, then make sure you act promptly to remove it before it has ramifications on your business. At RueVac, we understand how to efficiently eliminate graffiti from all exterior surfaces without causing property damage. Botched graffiti removal attempts can make surfaces look just as bad or worse than when the graffiti was present. We always utilize the latest in advanced equipment and restoration techniques to remove graffiti properly the first time, every time.

The Potential Impact of Graffiti on Your Business

Besides simply being unsightly, the presence of graffiti actually has the potential to negatively impact your business. Studies have shown that property values can drop up to 10 percent if graffiti is not removed as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of the graffiti, it can even reflect negatively on you as a business owner by tarnishing your reputation. Our professional graffiti removal services are available for rapid and responsive emergency maintenance jobs as soon as they occur.

Applicable Surfaces and Substances for Professional Removal

When it comes to removing graffiti from exterior surfaces, accurately identifying the type of surface and type of residue is essential in providing the highest quality of service possible. We utilize advanced exterior restoration methods to target graffiti on a wide range of surfaces, including:

  • Concrete walls, such as industrial tilt-ups
  • Brick or block exterior walls
  • Natural or artificial stone
  • Bollards and concrete wheel stops
  • Street and building signs
  • Utility boxes and dumpster bins
  • Vinyl, wood and composite siding
  • Glass and windows

Our dvanced systems and expert technicians can remove graffiti stains created by an array of substances, such as:

  • Spray paint
  • Stickers and adhesives
  • Shoe polish
  • Markers
  • Lipstick

Before beginning the restoration process, we always evaluate and inspect the graffiti properly to determine which method of removal is best. Whatever the nature of the job is, we have the know-how and equipment necessary to tackle it head-on.

Chemical Graffiti Removal

Chemical graffiti removal utilizes a strong chemical solvent to dissolve and remove any unwanted substances from exterior surfaces. We always elect to begin the chemical removal process with a lower strength chemical solvent and gradually increase the strength as necessary. This way, we can prevent any damage to the underlying surface from occurring while still effectively removing the graffiti.

Painting Over Graffiti

Painting over graffiti can be a useful and easy option to cover up any signs of vandalism. If you would like to avoid using chemical solvents or more abrasive methods on your exterior surface, then we can accurately match the surrounding paint to cover up the graffiti completely. If your building is prone to vandalism or a section of your property has repeatedly been targeted by graffiti, we can also apply a protective coating. This invisible coating makes any future clean-up jobs much easier and will deter vandals from continuing to deface your property.

Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning

We utilize advanced truck-mounted pressure washing and steam cleaning systems to successfully blast grime and graffiti off of your building. Pressure washing uses pressurized cold water to loosen and wash away graffiti. We may also employ chemical solvents to loosen the stain before using our pressure washing systems. Steam cleaning is similar to pressure washing but heats water for a more deeply-penetrating restoration. At RueVac, our equipment is designed to switch between either system as necessary to approach each removal with the best method for the job.

Wet or Dry Sandblasting

Sandblasting is another effective method of removing graffiti that we regularly use. When dry sandblasting exterior surfaces, we blast silica sands of different types and grades through a nozzle using compressed air. The sand particles break down and eliminate any unwanted substances from the targeted surface. During wet sandblasting, high-pressure water and grit are used to destroy and remove graffiti. This method is typically quicker and more effective, but our expert technicians will recommend the best option to you after an on-site visual inspection.

Restoring Exterior Surfaces with RueVac Property Services

If graffiti has been used to deface your property, then contact RueVac Property Services to remove it at its onset. Your business does not deserve to be negatively impacted by vandalism, and we want to offer you the resources necessary to make sure you do not experience any lasting ramifications. We have a reputation in southern California for providing quality service and industry expertise for over 40 years and can help you restore your exterior surfaces to their previous finish after they have been targeted by vandalism.

If you have any building maintenance needs, then call RueVac Property Services today at 714-406-4333 to learn more about us. We service businesses in the Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino communities.