We Help You Make a Great Impression

At RueVac Property Services, we understand that the appearance and upkeep of your commercial property are not just a reflection of your business but a statement of its values and standards. We’re dedicated not merely to maintaining your property but also increasing its overall appeal. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to transforming your commercial spaces into pristine, welcoming environments. Partner with us to elevate the standard of your property maintenance and showcase the professionalism of your business.

Enhancing Your Property's Aesthetic & Functional Value

We believe in the power of first impressions. Our meticulous approach to property maintenance ensures that every corner of your space helps create a positive image that feels warm and inviting.

Recognizing that each property has its unique needs, we tailor our services to fit the specific requirements of your space, whether it’s a retail complex, office building or industrial facility.

Building a Welcoming Environment

Our comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services go beyond aesthetics. We focus on creating environments that are not only visually appealing but also safe and hygienic for your employees, clients and visitors.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, we employ sustainable methods and materials in our maintenance practices, aligning with your company’s green initiatives and contributing positively to the community and environment.

Partnering with Your Business

We believe in keeping you informed and involved. Our regular updates and transparent reporting ensure you are always aware of the work being done on your property.

We understand the dynamic nature of commercial properties. Our team is equipped to respond swiftly to any immediate maintenance needs or unexpected issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Our Services

At RueVac Property Services, we strive to be more than a vendor — our goal is to act as a valuable extension of your team. We take care of the routine maintenance tasks around your property so you can focus on what’s most important to you: growing your business and serving your customers. We understand that upkeep is crucial, so we handle these essential tasks without shortcuts or compromises. We do our job so you can do yours better.

Parking Lot Sweeping

A clean and well-kept parking lot is essential for making a positive first impression. Our parking lot sweeping service removes dirt, litter, glass and other debris to prevent accumulation that can cause long-term damage or create safety hazards. Regular sweeping also enhances the overall appearance and longevity of your parking areas.

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Hot water Powerwash

Our hot water power washing service is ideal for deep cleaning and restoring surfaces. The high-temperature water effectively breaks down tough grime, graffiti, oil stains and build-up on sidewalks, driveways and building exteriors. This service not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your property but also helps to improve its lifespan.

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Window Washing

Sparkling windows can transform the look of your commercial building. Our professional window washing service ensures a streak-free clean and spotless appearance, enhancing the overall ambiance of your property. Regular window cleaning also helps to prevent glass degradation and maintains the integrity of your windows over time.

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Junk Hauling

Our junk hauling service is designed to help you manage and dispose of unwanted items efficiently and responsibly. Whether it’s old furniture, construction debris or general odds and ends, we ensure that your property remains free from clutter. We emphasize environmentally friendly disposal and recycling methods, aligning with sustainable practices.

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General Maintenance Repairs

Keeping your property in excellent repair is crucial for safety and functionality. Our general maintenance covers a wide scope of repairs and maintenance tasks. From graffiti removal to professional water extraction, our skilled maintenance technicians address issues promptly, ensuring that every aspect of your property is in optimal working condition.

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Experience You Can Trust

RueVac Property Services was founded in 1974 and has established itself as a premier provider of commercial maintenance services in Southern California. Our journey over the past several decades is not just a measure of time but a testament to our enduring commitment to quality and excellence in every aspect of our work. Our long-standing experience gives us a deep understanding of the unique maintenance needs and challenges faced by commercial properties in the region.

RueVac Property Services is committed to building trust through consistency, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of service with every job. Our advanced use of technology plays a crucial role in maintaining this commitment. Here’s how we integrate technology into our services for enhanced transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Powered By the Latest Technology

Guaranteed On-Site Presence
Advanced Job Management Platform
Advanced Fleet & Tools

Guaranteed On-Site Presence

GPS Zone Tracking: We have set up zones on every property we service. These zones track and report key information such as property entry time, exit time and total job time. This ensures that our crews are actually on-site when scheduled, providing you with proof of service.

Daily Schedule & Tracking System Reports: We compare daily schedule reports with tracking system reports to ensure every property is accounted for, every day. This cross-verification guarantees that no scheduled service is missed.

Advanced Job Management Platform

ServiceActivator CRM/Job Management Platform: This platform tracks our jobs and teams to ensure invoicing only when a service is performed. Every work order saves the tracking data and photos taken by our crew on the property.

Immediate Issue Reporting: If there are any issues during a job, we communicate them to our clients the same morning. This prompt reporting allows for quick resolution and maintains the quality of our service.

Advanced Fleet & Tools

High-Efficiency Cleaning Equipment: Our state-of-the-art vacuum sweeper trucks and backpack blowers are specifically designed for comprehensive cleaning. The sweepers effectively clean parking lots of debris like litter, sand and leaves, while our blowers provide detailed cleaning with minimal noise disruption.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning: Our fleet includes high-capacity Isuzu trucks, capable of handling up to three tons per trip for efficient waste hauling. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning equipment, ideal for tackling the toughest jobs while minimizing the need for harmful chemicals, ensuring our cleaning processes are as eco-friendly as they are effective.

Raise Your Property’s Standards with RueVac

At RueVac Property Services, we value the relationships we build. We believe in working closely with our clients to better understand their needs and expectations, ensuring our solutions align perfectly with your objectives. With us, you’re hiring more than just a service provider; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your business’ success. This philosophy has led to lasting relationships and a reputation built on trust, reliability and mutual respect.

If you’re ready to discover the RueVac difference, schedule a consultation with one of our expert technicians today for a fast, free quote. We service commercial properties in the Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino communities. Get started by calling us at 714.998.0191 or completing our online contact form.

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“We have been using their services for a MANY years now. They are always very professional and provide an excellent service for us.”

“We use RueVac at just about all of our Southern California properties.  They have always done an amazing job at being responsive to our service requests while completing them in a detailed and professional manner. 

They are highly dependable and proactive as well.  I’d recommend RueVac for any of the many services they provide.”

“RueVac service goes above and beyond any vendor I have worked with. They are responsive, provide solutions to issues, work within your budgets, and exceed expectations every single time.

I have used them for various services such as fence repairs, graffiti removal, homeless encampment clean-up, exterior window cleaning, parking lot sweeping, and misc. services.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with RueVac Property Services for the past 4 years – and counting (in particular, with Ms. Hayley Perez). It is always a pleasure to work with Hayley. Her upbeat personality and positivity are refreshing. Regardless of how busy she may be, Hayley always responds rapidly and with the utmost professionalism.

And, no matter the circumstances or difficulties that the day may bring, there’s always a smile in her voice.

10 out of 5 stars!”

“It seems hard to find a company that can offer and perform services to the same standard, regardless of the service. RueVac is an exception to this and continues to amaze me and my team by delivering exactly what we need for all services we contact them for.

Thank you RueVac team for making our properties up to our standards and continuing to provide the great customer service that is needed for our team.”

“Partnering with you to be more than just a vendor but a valuable part of your team.”

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